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ONLINE Book Study: Why Learn History (When It's Already on Your Phone)

This book is a MUST READ for social studies teachers, librarians or administrators who want to know more about the shifts in education and our instruction that need to occur in order to emphasize historical thinking in the digital age, not just during the COVID-19 closures but all the time. If we want to educate citizens who can separate fact from fake, we have to equip them with new tools. Historical thinking, Wineburg shows, has nothing to do with the ability to memorize facts. Instead, it's an orientation to the world that cultivates reasoned skepticism and counters our tendency to confirm our biases. Wineburg lays out a mine-filled landscape, but one that with care, attention, and awareness, we can all learn to navigate. Participants will need to purchase their own copy of the book. The reading and responses will be chunked into four sessions. Begins July 13th and ends August 10th. Within these dates, the work is self-paced.


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